Our first interview was conducted with the man responsible for the tremendous vocals in Red Sun Rising’s Polyester Zeal album, Mike Protich.

We asked Mike what his favorite piece of gear to use when performing is, and why.

“My favorite piece of gear is very general, however I personally have always used Gibson Les Paul guitars live. They give a richness to the live sound that is unique to its own. However in the studio I enjoy blending different types of pickups, such as Lipstick, P90’s, and Humbuckers, to build the wall of sound you hear on a Red Sun Rising record.”

We went on to speak with him about Red Sun Rising’s biggest influences and why music is such an important part of his life.

“I do not have a “biggest influence.” The band is very much all over the place, from Otis Redding to Tool, Soundgarden to the Beatles.

Music is a form of communication beyond speech or feel. It’s a way to connect to others as well as express oneself or even heal oneself.” – Mike Protich from Red Sun Rising

What is your favorite piece of gear? We would love to know!!12509900_866224613496144_2564935661115554925_n