Nate Milstein gave us his personal insight to his time as lead guitarist and supporting vocalist for the band Titans In Time.

What is your biggest influence as a performer?
“It’s hard for me to pick a biggest influence because it tends to change on a weekly basis. Personally I have recently been a huge fan of Nothingmore and Artifas. There are a lot of subtle guitar parts that I find amazing in their song writing. On a band aspect, I feel that I draw a lot on the bands mentioned above, along with bands like Underoath. I love the space that they have in their music. It creates a very dynamic sound, and the simplest things with some extra space can sound incredible. I feel that in the band situation (Titans in Time) we have been playing with the use of space a lot, especially in the recent material that we have been writing.”

What is your favorite piece of gear?
“It is very hard for me to pick a favorite piece of gear. Each piece is a tool that does a job that another one can’t. Different guitars produce different tones, different pedals create different sounds, etc. I recently slimmed my amount of gear down to a few key elements, and the item that I wouldn’t want to be without now is my Fractal Axe Fx. I never thought I would say that a few months ago, but the versatility that the Axe Fx allows is astounding. With the various projects that I work on, from solo writing, to Titans in Time, to a pop cover band, and tons of other fill in work, the Axe Fx provides everything I could ever ask for. I can get beautiful clean tones, awesome crunch tones, and incredible aggressive tones. The ability to record without micing a cabinet is also an amazing. Ideas can be recorded instantly with no set up, so the writing process becomes incredibly streamlined and can be more about writing. The Axe FX has become a tool for me that is invaluable.”

Why is music important?
“Music is important to me because it has been such a huge part of my life. I remember being very young and listening to Blondie in the car and thinking “wow this is amazing”. And the first time I bought myself a CD and new CD player, and eventually used that to learn my first song on guitar. Playing along with my favorite artists was an amazing feeling, and nothing could take its place for me. And when you add in the live aspect, that feeling is intensified greatly. The visual aspect of music can be just as important as the audio. And I have always been drawn to that.”

See Nate in action with Titans in Time on February 20th at the Outpost in Kent, and like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @titansintime and @natefromtitans