Vince Gillman, lead vocalist for up-and-coming band Titans in Time, spoke with us recently to talk about his career in music and what drives the band.

Why is music important to you?
“Music is important to me because it gives me self-expression in a way that words can’t. It gives people a way to relate to you by the open interpretation that it brings.”

What is the biggest influence for your music?
“My biggest influence is a hard one. I look up to Myles Kennedy because he’s a phenomenal musician. His song writing and his ability as a singer are truly one of a kind. But I think I look to Corey Taylor the most because he’s the best front man of our generation. His live energy and vocal stamina are truly admirable.”

What is your favorite piece of gear?
“My favorite piece of gear is my SM58 wireless mic. The clarity on that thing is un-believable, it’s a very powerful microphone.”

What are your plans for Titans in Time this year?
“Well we’re going to start our year with a show on February 20th at the Outpost in Kent. Then I think we’re gonna do another EP, some music videos, and hit the road hopefully.”

Check out Vince and Titans in Time in their most recent music video for their original song How Long, and get updates about the band by liking their Facebook page and following them on Instagram and Twitter Titans In Time.