In Your Memory came all the way from Washington D.C. to play along with Titans In Time, Ghost in Blue, Trapt OFFICIAL, and more on March 5th, 2016 at The Outpost Concert Club in Kent, Ohio. We were able to talk with Omar Veras, lead vocals, and guitarist Casey Reid before the show about their time at Vans Warped Tour and some of their history as a band.

What made you want to travel this far?

Casey – Well of course we love to play, so we’ll travel wherever to play, really. We went on a two week tour this summer that we did a lot of travelling for too.

How did you find out about this show in particular?

Casey – I happen to know the person who put this together, plus I’m from this area. I grew up in Cleveland, so I played at The Outpost back in 2008.

What are your band’s influences?

Omar – Honestly, we all kind of pull from different genres, from different people, and not only from genres, but from things like poetry, from art, stuff like that. But truthfully, as far as the band and what people say we sound like, a lot of people compare us to bands like Glassjaw, some people throw in some influences of A Day to Remember-ish. Kind of more aggressive on the pop-punk side of things. We do also blend into the world of metal. But like I said, we all come from different backgrounds, so it helps when all our influences collide.

We noticed that you played at Warped Tour last year. What led to you being part of the tour and what advice do you have for bands/musicians who would like to do the same?

Casey – As far as Warped Tour goes, it’s great to have a lot of supporters to be able to push your band as well, because you do need legitimate supporters. People who are willing to share your stuff, like your page, like your comments, and all that good jazz. Warped Tour was a great experience.

Omar – They did switch a lot of things up like in the last year to two years. I know Kevin Lyman, he’s been doing a lot of different things, looking at bands, looking at what they do. And it shows, especially once you get on the gig, just how much hard work he puts into it. I’ll say for any band trying to get on, just making sure they’re asking their friends and family to like their page isn’t enough anymore. You actually have to show that you care to talk to the people who are looking at your stuff. I think that’s the difference we saw in our area.

What’s the story behind the name of your band?

Omar – So that was before Casey. Casey was the last member to join the band. I joined right before him. Our bass player, guitarist, and drummer that were all together, they had a different name. When I joined, I mean honestly the name was super…inappropriate. Especially for what we were going for, and when I joined, I was like “I mean, hey guys…” I honestly didn’t come up with the name. We literally ran through two weeks of names, but ultimately our drummer was like “Dude, how about something simple, like ‘In Your Memory’?” We had to get past the part of when we started taking photos and people just thought we had passed away, because we kept saying “In Your Memory”, so everyone was like “Oh my God what happened to you?!” But other than that, the mindset is we just want to be remembered. And at the end of the day, I’m pretty sure everyone else wants to be remembered for something. So that’s the piece that we wanted to go with.

Where and when are you playing next, and why should we be there?

Omar – The next two shows we’re doing, we’re supporting a few friends of ours in DC, a band called Sideshow Cinema. They’re doing their EP release. I know me and Casey have been helping them out as far as prepping everything. And they wanted to put us on the bill, so we’re going to play that show. Other than that, we’re also playing with Tides of Man at our Sidebar show. Why go there? I mean, let’s be frank, who doesn’t like Tides of Man? They haven’t been around in a long time, but they’re coming back, and they’re coming back strong. Even though it’s a Sunday show, the bill is super packed, the bands are going to be phenomenal, and if you haven’t been at the Sidebar, well, shit gets fucked up there. You’ll definitely have a good time.

In your memory gave an unforgettable performance with a very energizing stage presence. Make sure to check out their Facebook page to see all of their upcoming shows.