We spoke with a Kent local Steve Perrino, Founder of Compass Audio and experienced musician and asked him to tell us a bit about himself and what he has to offer at his recording studio.

-How did you get started in recording?

“When I was about 15 I started recording my friend’s bands for the experience and just worked hard to improve and expand my skills, and after a few years of doing that and interning at a couple studios in the area, I decided to brand myself as Compass Audio and take a more professional, career oriented approach.”

– How do you plan on growing your business?

“Recording is a tough industry because you’re honestly only as good as your clients. You can have the best skills and best gear available, but it’s mostly a word of mouth business, so your reputation and the quality of your clientele is really what pushes you to the next level. Lately I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best local talent, and soon I hope to expand my clientele to some surrounding states and work with bands that have larger fan base to increase that word-of-mouth audience.”

– How do you find bands to produce? Do bands come to you or?

“Lately I’ve mostly been having bands come to me or being referred to me, but when that doesn’t happen I love to just hit up bands I find on the internet or at shows that I think would be good to record. But again, this business is mostly word of mouth, so it’s primarily bands being referred to me or coming to me based on work they’ve heard of mine.”

– Do you work with a lot of different music styles and what is your favorite?

“I mostly work with mainstream rock-related genres, such as metal, pop-punk, and general rock bands. Occasionally I’ll record some indie or acoustic music, but mostly I feel like I’ve carved a niche for myself where I attract mostly metal and pop-punk bands. Metal is definitely my favorite to produce because there’s a lot that I get to do on a production end as far as effects, layering, and editing.”

– Would you be willing to record any style of music if someone approached you about it?

“Absolutely, I’m well educated in many different styles of music, and always willing to record anyone who wants to come to me. Although I will tell people that I specialize in producing only certain styles that I generally work with and have more experience with.”

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