We were extremely grateful to have been invited to Lacey Sturm’s show at Musica in Akron by Mr. Jeff Gambone, father of the lead singer of opening band Goodnight Tonight. From beginning to end, we were impressed by the incredible energy brought by each band.

Ever Burning Bright started off the evening with a surprise last-minute set filled with high-energy stage presence and powerful music. Courtney Ball, the lead singer, put on a perfect opening act with her powerful voice, enthusiastic high fives and running through the packed Musica crowd. The amount of energy in the venue was greater than we normally see at local shows, which was very refreshing.

Goodnight Tonight, who played the second set, is a talented young band from Kent, Ohio. The sound they produced was amazing, from the grungy rock sound of the guitar to the remarkable female vocals. The energy in the crowd, built up during Ever Burning Bright, only increased as this band played. Each member of Goodnight Tonight performed with a commanding stage presence, creating an enviable chemistry throughout the group. You could definitely see the passion in every one of them as they played. The retro style mic Emily used for lead vocals, along with their cover of “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benetar, were awesome touches, giving the audience a clue into the kinds of music that influence the band.

Next to take the stage was Cage9, a band all the way from Los Angeles, California. This band has made successful strides in music. You could hear people in the crowd talking about how the band opened for Ozzy Osbourneand Asking Alexandria. The audience was expecting big things. From the very beginning, you could tell the set was going to have a heavy, driving feel to it. Their dark warrior-style face paint and clothes caught your attention from the second they walked onstage. Evan Rodaniche’s vocals were spot on, and were reminiscent of a darker Myles Kennedy. This was drummer Feudor Lokshin’s first show with the band, and he did not disappoint. The precise way he beat his set proved he was meant to be a part of Cage9. We were particularly impressed with the song “Everything You Love Will Someday Die” and the passionate meaning behind it.

We didn’t have long to wait between sets, as Musica is very efficient in getting bands onstage, so when Cage9 was finished, Lacey Sturm took the stage quickly. As the headliner for the show, Lacey and her band drew a crowd that packed out the floor and used all of the previous energy to give them an amazing set. Lacey is a passionately fueled artist and let the fans know the meaning behind some of the songs she has written. Her message was a strong, inspiring one, and the connection between her and her fans was so heartfelt that it moved some in the audience to tears. She revisited a few of her Flyleaf songs, and the crowd was absolutely amazing when at one point they backed her vocals with no help from any instrumentals. Love for her fans and her passion were evident in the way she moved on stage in such an energetic way and didn’t miss a beat. She had her fans going crazy.

The entire show was a success without any dull moments. It had the perfect number of acts, so the crowd didn’t get tired or bored with too much downtime. The lineup flowed seamlessly, with each of the bands pulling an incredible reaction from the crowd in their own way. We would love to see any of these bands a second time and recommend that you all check out their music by liking and following them on Facebook, Instagram andTwitter.

Some of the links can be found below:

Ever Burnining Bright
Website: http://www.everburningbright.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everburningbright

Goodnight Tonight
Website: http://www.wearegoodnighttonight.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GnightTnight

Website: https://cage9.com/
Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/Cage9

Lacey Sturm
Website: http://www.laceysturm.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaceySturm81

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