The Shadow Division is an alternative band based out of Cleveland Ohio that started in 2015. Combining heavy guitar tones, unique progression, and melody, Max Espinosa, Michael Ridley, Kevin Hannah, and Joe LaGuardia have found an alternative rock sound all their own. The members of the group come from all over the globe. Joe and Kevin are Cleveland natives, Max is from LA, and Michael comes all the way from New Castle, England. The group’s original song writing techniques push the alternative genre beyond its normal limits. “The Shadow Division”, their new self titled EP, was experimental while the group took the time to find their own unique sound as a band in the studio at Crush Tone Studios in Cleveland. “The Shadow Division” takes listeners to a new place with each song. For example, “I’ve Got Some Resolutions” has a propelling sound to it, and “To all Your Friends” has a post punk/alternative 90’s vibe.


The band’s influences are diverse, ranging fromThe Smashing Pumpkins, blink-182, and Oasis all the way to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the The Beatles.

“We want to explore a space that hasn’t been explored before” said Joe.

While recording “The Shadow Division”, the band was trying to figure out what their identity was going to be. They ended up producing music with a distinct feel as a band, but do not limit themselves to one specific sound. While listening, you can tell their goal is to resonate with their listeners as well as themselves.

The Shadow Division was first to take the stage at the Islander show on October 4th at the CLEVELAND AGORA. Given only a portion of a small stage to perform on, the group hammered out their new songs and built an intense energy to start the show. Although this band is new, you can see the skill and effort that goes into each and every song.

We had the opportunity to talk with Joe in the sketchy, graffiti plastered alley at the Agora. We spoke about Musicians Talk Productions and what it means for him and other artists like himself. We appreciate the hospitality and kind words from these talented artists. We want to continue to reach for more exposure for the bands like The Shadow Division with an amazing drive and passion for music and the arm-open culture that surrounds the local scene.


You can catch The Shadow Division at the Grog Shop on Friday, October 28 alongside Ray Flanagan & The Authorities, Jeff Klemm & The Letters, The Mason District and Oldboy. Costume contests, bobbing for booze and food are just some of the things you can find at this Cleveland Halloween party, and it only costs 8 bucks! Make sure to stop in and listen to the single “Wake Up”, a one of a kind track combining styles ranging from rock to alternative with a dash of pop/punk. You can also pick up their new EP “The Shadow Division” at the show or on, iTunes and Google Play.

If you want to keep up to date with The Shadow Division, you can check out their Facebook, or their web page at