If you’re a fan of bands like All Time Low or 5 Seconds of Summer, 3PM is sure to be a great addition to your playlist. This Baltimore-based pop rock band was formed in 2011 and will certainly smash the winter blues with their upbeat, summer-fun jams.

Recently, we had the chance to interview lead singer Aaron O’Connor about the band’s experiences and future goals.

“Scott and Brandon found me on Twitter because I had uploaded some videos of me singing cover songs. They messaged me about possibly being in a band, and long story short, I dropped everything and moved from Georgia to Maryland to be in 3PM and make this my life,” O’Connor said.

Over the years, 3PM went through a shift in sound—as many bands often do.

“The original music was heavily inspired by pop-punk bands such as blink-182 and Green Day but the transition to pop-rock came when we decided that we needed to differentiate our music from other artists so we could stand out as a band. We want people to hear our music and think ‘Oh, that must be 3PM,” O’Connor said.

And they are doing just that! As they work hard to get their songs on the airwaves, O’Connor mentioned that they are grabbing the interest of multiple music labels.

“Every label has different benefits and we want to find a partner that has the same vision for 3PM as we do. We want to work together as a team,” O’Connor said.

However, record labels aren’t the only area this trio is striking interest in. Recently, they have begun working with producer Matt Squire. Squire has produced records for several recognized talents such as Panic! At The Disco, Simple Plan, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry.

“We met Matt because we played a showcase in New York City, and our performance impressed one of his talent scouts. He introduced us, and we hit it off right away,” O’Connor said. “Matt is a really cool guy who wants us to succeed just as much as we do.”

With a new producer and the start of a new year, 3PM has a lot of exciting things planned for 2017.

“We plan on releasing a couple singles, a new album, and then embarking on our first tour as this lineup of 3PM. We see 2017 as the year where we can take a big leap into making this our lives,” O’Connor said.

With the same amount of excitement, energy, and uplift as their music, 3PM is certainly ready to take on the new year. In reflection of how far the band has already come, O’Connor expresses his love for what they do, and the appreciation they share for their supporters.

“We absolutely love doing this and would not be anywhere without the support of our fans. Thank you for being our motivation,” O’Connor said.

– Interviewed conducted by James Howard, written by Sarah Roberts

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